TV Privacy: Can Old Remotes Handle New Consent Requirements?

With the boom in streaming services and in personalized ads, viewers’ data is flowing through smart TVs like never before. Our two-part series examines how TV privacy processes are at a far more fragmented stage than web and mobile. This first article starts at the front of the TV screen with consent, showing the stakes for improving it for viewers, the technical and cultural factors that interfere, and why the mobile, mutated realities of viewing in 2022 mean that TV consent – to parallel some sci-fi plots – cannot survive unless it operates in four different dimensions. Part two will discuss what a standardized TV consent may look like, then switches behind the screen to explain challenges for companies’ data governance and regulatory and enforcement risks for the rapidly morphing TV industry. See “Examining the Intersection of Voiceprints and Data Privacy Laws” (Sep. 22, 2021).

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