Practical and Innovative Permissioning Within the Framework of Europe’s Upcoming Data Protection Regulations

Securing customers’ permission to collect and use their data can be challenging, and it will become all the more important with the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive, set to come into effect in the E.U. in May 2018. The laws will focus on how consumer data is collected and transferred, with steep fines for noncompliance. At a recent conference in Prague, Robert Bond, a partner at Bristows, along with Michael Bond, glh Hotels’ data protection officer, discussed the current E.U. regulatory landscape and its compliance issues, and advised on practical ways companies can approach compliance with these new regulations to not only save money, but also to generate profits. See also “Getting to Know the DPO and Adapting Corporate Structure to Comply With the GDPR (Part One of Two)” (Jan. 25, 2017); Part Two (Feb. 8, 2017).

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