What It Takes to Establish Compliant Social Media Policies for the Workplace

More than one billion people use Facebook every day. Another 313 million use Twitter each month, and 150 million use Snapchat daily. What’s more, many – if not most – employees use social media at work, on both personal and company-owned devices, raising a host of security, liability and privacy concerns for employers. Restricting access, however, is not always easy, desirable or even legal. The legal landscape is changing as quickly as the social media technology it covers, and during a recent PLI event, Kelly Ann Bird, Gibbons’ employment and labor law director, described that landscape and offered suggestions about the protections and policies employers should promulgate in the era of Facebook that not only facilitate compliance but also keep the business in mind. See also “The Regulators’ View of Best Practices for Social Media and Mobile Apps” (Apr. 13, 2016).

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