Tracking Consumer Data: DAA Guidance Applies Core Principles to Cross-Device Technology

No longer tied to a desk for internet browsing, consumers move among devices, platforms, software, apps and service providers. While the technology offers consumers great convenience and other benefits, it can also make them uneasy as new forms of tracking are continually being developed. On February 1, 2017, the Council of Better Business Bureaus and the Direct Marketing Association will begin enforcement of the Application of the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles of Transparency and Control to Data Used Across Devices. The guidance takes DAA standards and principles and applies those to the technology of cross-device tracking. “DAA has been really effective by focusing on advertising practices, like cross-app advertising or cross-device linking, rather than focusing on specific technologies,” because the technologies rapidly change, Lindsey Tonsager, a partner at Covington, explained. See also “FTC Chair Addresses the Agency’s Data Privacy Concerns With Cross-Device Tracking” (Nov. 25, 2015).

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