Google Decision Opens the Door for American-Style Class Action in U.K.: Six Ways to Avoid Liability

By allowing a representative action to proceed against Google for damages stemming from Google’s alleged tracking of iPhone users, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales may have drastically changed the class action landscape in the U.K. The decision in Lloyd v. Google is also a reminder to companies everywhere of the repercussions of breaches and other incidents. This second installment of a guest article series by Orrick attorneys discusses how class action liability is changing in light of Lloyd, and includes advice on steps companies should take to mitigate cybersecurity litigation risk. Part one compared U.S. and U.K. class action standards and examined the Lloyd Court’s analysis of harm and liability issues. See “Lessons From Equifax on How to Mitigate Post-Breach Legal Liability” (Sep. 11, 2019).

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